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Cluster members


Industrial production



Tuzhikova E.N. PE

Address: 644085, Omsk, Mira avenue, 189


 T: +7 (909) 536-33-33

F: +7 (3812) 909-157


Director - Dmitry Tuzhikov

Tuzhikova E.N. PE (Trademark 'Master Menu') operates in the market of food production for over 12 years. The company produces headcheese, meat products in jelly and spicy vegetable snacks. Basis of products - meat products in jelly

Sladonezh JSC 

Address: 644105, Omsk, str. 22 Partsjezda, 51

 T: +7 (3812) 615-301


Director General –

Evgeny Leibovich

Sladonezh is the largest manufacturer of confectionery products in Siberia with more than 45 years of experience in the production of confectionery. About 300 kinds of products of Sladonezh JSC are represented in more than 50 regions of Russia. The main types of Sladonezh products include: fondant candy, glazed wafer sweets, candied rolls with different types of filling, tiramisu, truffles, marshmallows, jellies and others


EVK Group

Omsk, str. Zvezdova, 23,

office. 206

Т: +7 (3812) 37-66-55

Director - Evgeny Kolyagin

Operator of the Omsky Biocluster's 'Logistics and Foreign Economic Operations Center'. International logistics services in Omsk region to ensure the foreign economic activity of enterprises in Omsk region and surrounding regions as a universal operator

Rubicon Company LLC 

Address: 644031, Omsk, pgt. Biofabrika, 30/6


T: +7 (3812) 320-306

F: +7 (3812) 328-230


Director - Rubik Mnatsyan

 Rubicon Company LLC has more than ten years of experience in the manufacture of meat products. The range of products is more than 33 items of industrial products, including headcheese, sausages, pork legs, different types of jellied meat, pork ears, barbecue, beef tongue, pig heads, assorted meat, liver, fat and others


Address: 644090, Omsk, str. Malinovskogo, 14-19


T: +7 913 159 79 59

Director - Arman Sefilyan

The company implements an investment project for deep egg processing in egg mélange and dry egg products

MelCom Omsk LLC 

Address: 644105, Omsk, str. 22 Partsjezda, 51


T: +7 (3812) 615-301

Director - Irina Chernakova

MelCom-Omsk LLC is a small industrial enterprise engaged in production of wheat flour and grain conversion products for Sladonezh JSC


 Saturn-Agro Research and Production Enterprise LLC 

Address: 644531, Omsk region, Omsk district, str. Rabochaya 2B


T: +7 (3812) 938-304, +7 (3812) 938-302

F: +7 (3812) 938-304


Director General - Mikhail Kostin

 Saturn-Agro Research and Production Enterprise LLC specializes in development and manufacture of a full range of grain equipment, involved in primary and secondary grain cleaning, as well as in moving the cereal seeds coming directly from the field.

 The main types of manufactured industrial products include: grain-cleaning machines, preconditioning grain separators, conveying machinery and others

Omskoe Prodovolstvie LLC

Address: 644016, Omsk, str. Kombikormovaya, 5


T: +7 (3812) 901-515

F: +7 (3812) 901-515


Acting Director General -

Eduard Akhmetzyanov

Omskoe Prodovolstvie LLC is a small industrial enterprise, the main economic activities of which are associated with the processing of industrial crops and oil сake


 Technocomplex Production and Commercial Firm LLC (SIBAGROCOMPLEX Group)

Address: 644016, Omsk, str. 9th Semirechensky per., 16


T: +7 (3812) 551-503,

  +7 (3812) 551-116

F: +7 (3812) 551-503,

   +7 (3812) 551-116


Director Technocomplex - Vladislav Mishutin

Director General SIBAGROCOMPLEX Group - Anatoly Shulakov

Technocomplex Production and Commercial Firm LLC (SIBAGROCOMPLEX Group) is a small industrial enterprise. It manufactures goods including agricultural equipment, among others intended for processing crops

 Dovol Agricultural Enterprise LLC 

Address: 644016, Omsk, str. 3rd Avtomobilnaya, 3/2


T/F: +7 (3812) 554-424


Director General -

Galina Zenkova

 Dovol Agricultural Enterprise LLC  is one of the small manufacturing enterprises, specializing in the production of oil and oil cake from sunflower and rapeseed

Titan - Agro LLC 

Address: 644035, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk tract, 40/1


T: +7 (3812) 217-949

F: +7 (3812) 217-950


Director General -

Oleg Grabar

Titan-Agro LLC specializes in the production of pork semi-finished products, full-feed for cattle, pigs, poultry for various recipes in loose form and granules
 Vesely Melnik Trade House LLC 

Address: 644024, Omsk, str. Pushkin 30-37


T: +7 (3812) 318-689

F: +7 (3812) 372-524


 Director General -

Marina Tkachenko

 Vesely Melnik Trade House LLC is a small manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of flour, bran and other products. The company supplies its products to Titan-Agro LLC, which is used in the production of the final products of the cluster - mixed fodder

 Omsk Experimental Plant Federal State Unitary Enterprise

Address: 644012, Omsk, Koroleva avenue, 32.


T: +7 (3812) 776-749

F: +7 (3812) 776-354


Director – Dmitry Golovanov

 Omsk Experimental Plant FSUE is an average industrial enterprise specializing in the production of machinery and equipment. The equipment produced by the enterprise is used in the technological process of food production, plant growing, and also other products.
The range of products is represented by more than 30 names, each type of which has its own patent




 Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union

Address: 644007, Omsk,

str. Gertsena, 51/53  

T: +7 (3812) 25-43-50,

F: +7 (3812) 23-45-80


President - Olga Fedulova 

Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union is the largest business association of Omsk region and one of the leading chambers of the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation. The Chamber is a non-governmental non-profit organization acting on the basis of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law "On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation". The Chamber carries out functions of representation and protection of interests of business in relations with public authorities; assistance in establishing and expanding business cooperation between Russian and foreign entrepreneurs; promoting the formation of the legal environment and business infrastructure

 Russian Agricultural Bank JSC (Omsk Regional Branch)

 Address: 644099, Omsk, str. Krasny put, 3  

T: +7 (3812) 233-423; +7 (3812) 246-147; +7 (3812) 249-611; +7 (3812) 940-913; +7 (3812) 210-607.  

F: +7 (3812) 233-423  


Omsk Branch Director - Lev Yaneev

The Bank renders financial services to the participants of the cluster. It is an authorized bank for the implementation of state mechanisms for concessional lending

 Omsk State Agrarian University named after P.A. Stolypin Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education

 Address: 644008, Omsk, Institutskaya square, 1  

T: +7 (3812) 651-146

F: +7 (3812) 651-735


Rector - Oksana Shumakova

The university is a versatile institution that provides scientific support for the functioning, training, retraining of personnel not only for the agro-industrial complex (agriculture, processing and food industries) but also for the related sectors of the economy and spheres of activity: forestry, environmental management (including water use), land and property relations; geodesy; ecology; economy, management, etc. Laboratory equipment is included in a single database of the Omsky Biocluster's Collective Use Center

Moscow State University of Technologies and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky (First Cossack University)  Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education 



 Address (Moscow): 644001, Moscow, str. Zemlyanoy Val, 73

T: +7 (495) 915-03-40


Rector - Valentina Ivanova


Address (Omsk): 644001, Оmsk, str. Kuybysheva, 79А

T: +7 (3812) 36-25-86

F: +7 (3812) 31-15-26


Omsk Branch Director - Oleg Mamaev

The University prepares specialists of economic, technological, mechanical, biological and humanitarian profiles for the food and processing industry, fish industry enterprises and mass nutrition, carries out R & D in these areas. It has 18 branches in the Russian Federation

Omsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch Federal State Institution of Science 

Address: 644024, Omsk, Karl Marx avenue, 15  

T: +7 (3812) 371-736,

+7 (3812) 371-738

F: +7 (3812) 371-762


Chairman - Valery Karpov 

The purpose and subject of the Center's activities is the organization and conduct of fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific research, experimental design and experimental work, the implementation of educational activities, the introduction of scientific achievements in production, promoting technological, economic and social development of Omsk region, the Russian Federation as a whole , as well as coordination on behalf of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations of the activities of organizations subordinate to the Agency and the location on the territory of Omsk region. Laboratory equipment is included in a single database of the Omsky Biocluster's Collective Use Center
Omsk Reference Center of Rosselkhoznadzor Federal State Budgetary Institution 

Address: 644031, Omsk,   str. 10 Let Octyabrya, 197

T: +7 (3812) 329-130


Director - German Gering 

The Center carries out state expert examinations and studies, certification of works in the field of veterinary science, plant protection, seed production, agrochemistry, soil fertility, quality and safety of grain, cereals, mixed fodders and components for their production, as well as by-products of grain processing. Laboratory equipment is included in a single database of the Omsky Biocluster's Collective Use Center 
 Agrochemical Service Center Omsky Federal State Budgetary Institution 

 Address: 644012, Omsk, Koroleva avenue, 34,  

T/F: + 7 (3812) 77-53-75


Director – Vladimir Krasnitsky

 The Center carries out state expert examinations and studies of works in the field of plant protection, seed production, agrochemistry, soil fertility. Laboratory equipment is included in a single database of the Omsky Biocluster's Collective Use Center
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