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Cooperation is the basis of success!

The guest of our section: the head of Omsky Biocluster's 'Genetics and Breeding of Cattle Practice' Anatoly SHULAKOV.   - Mr. Shulakov, good afternoon!   - Good afternoon!   - Last interview, we discussed the need for an integrated approach to solving livestock problems within a single enterprise, where the achievement of the result requires improvement not only in the genetics of animals, but also in feeding, maintenance, and training. So, the enterprise should not think about cooperation?   - Firstly: the result is impossible without own initiative. Secondly, we can and should unite each other's competencies, achieving a synergistic effect. Systemic and complexness of any decisions is required - but at a higher level. 



Viktor Nazarov: cluster approach to the development of the agro-industrial complex is a key initiative for attracting investments.

Cooperation as the basis for development, strength and new opportunities is not a new idea. Cooperation helps to survive and to win. But how is this idea understood and put into practice by one of Siberian regions which has chosen the path of cluster development in order to help some priority economic sectors move to a new level? In an exclusive interview with ‘Nivy Rossii’ magazine Viktor Nazarov, Governor of Omsk region, talks about the development of the Agrobiotechnological Industrial Cluster of Omsk Region. -Mr. Nazarov, when and under whose initiative was Agrobiotechnological Industrial Cluster of Omsk Region created? - It was created at my initiative last fall and in late October Denis Manturov, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation, signed an order for its inclusion into the Registry of Industrial Clusters of Russia. But even before the creation of the cluster, its today’s members have worked…

  • 16 October 2017
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Do today what others will do tomorrow

The guest of our section: the rector of Omsk Agrarian State University named after P.A. Stolypin, Deputy Chairman of the General Meeting of Omsky Biocluster Association Oksana SHUMAKOVA   - Ms. SHUMAKOVA, good afternoon! - Good afternoon!        

  • 12 April 2017
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Feed Research as a Key to Food Security

Good afternoon! Today the editorial board of Omsky Biocluster opens a new section called 'Opinion'. The purpose of the section is to have an open discussion on the issues related to business in Omsk region and the whole country. Our first guest is Professor Vladimir KRASNITSKY, the Honored Agronomist of Russia, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences and the Director of Omsky Agrochemical Service Center Federal Government Budgetary Institution.   - Mr. KRASNITSKY, first of all, I would like to welcome you to the new section of our site www.agrobiocluster.ru. This is the first interview within the section.   - Good afternoon!  

  • 11 April 2017
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OmSAU becane a participant of the Russian-German Youth Forum

OmSAU (member of Omsky Biocluster) took part in the International Youth Agrarian Forum 'Agrarian Science in the Innovative Development of the Agroindustrial Complex' within the German-Russian Agrarian and Political Dialogue under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The Omsk machine engineers presented new developments

Omsk Experimental Plant FSUE (member of Omsky Biocluster) took part in the Agrosib 2017 Exhibition, the largest in Siberia international exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for the production and processing of agricultural products (November 8-10, Novosibirsk).

Supply of Brazilian meat can be completely stopped

The ban on the importation of beef and pork to Russia from Brazil can be introduced before the end of this week. This was warned in the Rosselkhoznadzor, citing the disappointing results of inspection of meat supplied from Brazilian enterprises.

RusAg increased its net profit by 10 times

Net profit of Russian Agricultural Bank JSC (Omsk branch is a member of Omsky Biocluster) in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards in January-October 2017 amounted to 1.2 billion rubles ($ 20.13 million) against 118.6 million rubles ($ 1.99 million) a year earlier, the Bank's press service reported.

The issue is in the quality of management in the agro-industrial complex

The Interregional Center for Agro Industry Engineering will help to increase the efficiency of business in the Russian agro-industrial complex by combining the intellectual, financial, material and technical, information and other resources of interested enterprises and organizations on a voluntary basis, said the head of Omsky Biocluster's 'Genetics and Breeding of Cattle Practice' Anatoly Shulakov.

Germany became interested in organic farming in Russia

November 14, a meeting of the Russian-German High-Level Working Group on Agriculture was held in Hannover. Germany was represented by German Jeub, Director of the Department for EU Policy, International Cooperation and Fisheries of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany.

Quarantine weed is found in cumin seeds

Specialists of the Laboratory of Quarantine Phytosanitary Examinations and Surveys of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (member of Omsky Biocluster) found a quarantine weed in a consignment of cumin seeds from Egypt. The staff of the center, as a result of herological examinations, identified the dodder seeds.

Announcement of XXV agroindustrial forum of Siberia

November 15-17 Krasnoyarsk will host the XXV Anniversary Agriculture Forum of Siberia. One of the largest events in the agro-industrial sector of the Siberian Federal District annually unites on its site enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, farms, an agricultural machinery exhibition, equipment for plant growing and livestock.

Omsky Biocluster on AgroSib 2017

November 8 - 10, 2017, Novosibirsk hosted the 2nd Novosibirsk Agro-Food Forum and the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for the Production and Processing of Agricultural Products AgroSib 2017. Representatives of 10 countries, more than 40 subjects of the Russian Federation, and 250 enterprises of the agro-industrial complex took part in this year.