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Through Omsky Biocluster we'll be able to understand the region's needs

The guest of our column today is the General director of KOTRA Novosibirsk PARK EUN HEE. 


Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Ms. PARK!


PARK EUN HEE: Good afternoon!


What are the KOTRA goals of? How is communication between Korean business and KOTRA carried out?


KOTRA or Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency has been established in 1962 to support small and medium enterprises in their ambition to enter global market. KOTRA's Head office is located in Seoul but besides Headquarters we have 126 foreign offices in 85 countries. In Russia there 4 KOTRA offices located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Vladivostok.


Our efforts should be focused on maximum manufacturability

The guest of our column today is Alexander KUPRYAKOV, Acting Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory - Minister of Agricultural Production and Rural Development of the Khabarovsk Territory   Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. KUPRYAKOV!   Alexander KUPRYAKOV: Good afternoon!   Omsky Biocluster continues the ‘Regions of Russia’ heading. Tell the readers of our cluster about the profile of the Khabarovsk agro-industry: which segment is the main one?   Crop and animal production can equally be called the main sectors of the agro-industry of the Khabarovsk Territory. Fodder and grain crops, soybeans, potatoes, and melons and gourds predominate in plant farming. Animal husbandry is represented, perhaps, by traditional sectors: dairy and beef cattle breeding, poultry farming. By the way, domestic reindeer breeding is developing in the northern regions of the Khabarovsk Territory.

  • 23 October 2018
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We can develop only by increasing the efficiency of business

The guest of our column today is Igor ANTROPENKO, the head of Omsk regional branch of All Russia Public Organization ‘Delovaya Rossiya’ (Business Russia), the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Omsk region    Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. ANTROPENKO!   Igor ANTROPENKO: Good afternoon!   In May 2018 you were appointed Chairman of Omsk regional branch of All-Russia Public Organization ‘Business Russia’. What challenges are members of Omsk branch facing?   The main objective is to promote the development of friendly environment for business in Omsk region. Business is extremely sensitive to details: within the same bureaucratic procedures business issues can be solved positively and in short terms in one region, but it can be quite the opposite in the other ones. Although the law is same, its implementation is different. Having numerous legislative regulations in the regions, business faces difficulties in applying them. Some of the regulations do…

  • 22 August 2018
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In France, clusters allow to conquer markets

The guest of our column today is Katia ROINET, the advisor of the Ambassador of the French Republic in the Russian Federation on Agriculture in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.   - Good afternoon, Ms. ROINET!   - Good afternoon!   - Today Russia is actively forming industrial clusters in various spheres of the economy. And readers of our website are interested in learning about the established practice in foreign countries. Naturally, France as one of the leading economies of the world is no exception.   - Of course, clusters exist in France, they function in different sectors of the economy. We call them Competitiveness Centers. This concept was fixed in 2005, today the total number of such Competitiveness Centers in France is 67.   - Including the agro-industrial sector?   - Yes, eleven Competitiveness Centers carry out activities in the field of agriculture or the agro-food…


Omsk Reference Center improves qualifications

Employees of the Laboratory of quarantine phytosanitary examinations of the Omsk Reference Center (member of Omsky Biocluster) confirmed the high level of their qualifications by taking part in the Interlaboratory Comparative Testing (ICT).

Russian beef will go to Turkey

The General Directorate of Food and Control of the Ministry of Food of Turkey has agreed a veterinary certificate for the beef export from Russia to Turkey.

Khabarovsk Agroport will be launched by autumn 2019

In August 2019, a seaport (built as part of the 'Far East - 1' joint project of Russia and China) is scheduled for commissioning in Khabarovsk. As a result, the city will become the largest regional hub for the export of agricultural products.  

Preview: Development of Cooperative Relations of Omsky Biocluster

Razumovsky's Moscow State University of Technologies and Management (member of Omsky Biocluster), Siberian Cossack Institute of Technologies and Management hold on December 65 the interuniversity conference 'Development of Cooperative Relations of Agrobiotechnological Industrial Cluster of Omsk Region' dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Razumovsky's Moscow State University of Technologies and Management.  

November: inspection results of livestock and crop production

In November, the Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Products of Animal and Vegetable Origin, Feed and Environmental Objects of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (member of Omsky Biocluster) received 410 samples, with which 3,560 tests were conducted. As a result, 23 samples were positive.

Investment in agriculture increased by almost 10%

For the first time since mid-October, domestic prices for wheat began to grow in Russia, having increased last week from 10.5–11.2K RUR ($ 157.89 - 168.42) up to 10.6–11.4K RUR ($ 159.39 - 171.42) per ton. Quotes were supported by rising demand on the eve of the New Year holidays and a slowdown in the market. In the short term, prices may still rise due to the beginning of a slowdown in the pace of grain exports.

Preview: GENSTalks Pitch Session

December 13, a GENSTalks pitch session for technology projects wishing to take part in the corporate accelerator of the Ilim Group will be held at the Omsk State Technical University site.

OmSAU Agribusiness College is included in the TOP 500!

The main information center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation conducted a monitoring of the quality of training in 2018 among educational institutions. As a result, the University College of Agribusiness of the Omsk State Agrarian University (member of Omsky Biocluster), which provides training in the system of vocational secondary education, entered the TOP-500 in the Russian Federation (from 4676 organizations) and in the TOP-10 in the Omsk region (from 61 organizations).

Start'Up'Academia at the Omsk Sales Forum

Omsky Biocluster StartUpAcademia acted as a co-organizer of the Omsk Sales Forum, which took place on December 7 as part of the celebration of the anniversary of the Opora of Russia (regional branch).

ASF in China: 631,000 peasant pigs slaughtered

Today, it is known that more than 631,000 peasant pigs are slaughtered in China as a result of the fight against the African swine fever virus. So, it is known about 81 cases of ASF outbreak in 21 provinces. Authorities report that the main ASF foci disease in China are under control.

Miratorg: 93B RUR in pig breeding

Miratorg and Kursk region signed an agreement on cooperation in setting up pork production (4.5M heads) with an investment of 93B RUR ($ 1.39B) in the next five years, reports portal Agrovesti.net. The agroholding plans to locate key project facilities in Kursk region: the largest robotic meat packing plant in Russia, which will produce over 400K tons of products, as well as pig-breeding sites.

Burkov asked Patrushev for exporting grain from the region

December 5, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev met with the Governor of Omsk Region Alexander Burkov, during which the parties discussed the results of harvesting in the region, the development of exports of agricultural products, as well as issues of state support for agricultural producers.