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Now the bank has become part of the business environment

The guest of our column today is the Head of the Omsk Regional Branch of Russian Agricultural Bank JSC Lev YANEEV.


Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. YANEEV!


Mr. YANEEV: Good afternoon!


What are the results of the RusAg Omsk branch for 2018?


Last year, the RusAg Omsk branch issued more than RUR 5.5 billion ($ 84.21 million) to borrowers. At the same time, more than RUR 500 million ($ 7.66 million) were given to farmers for equipment, about RUR 2.5 billion ($ 38.28 million) for seasonal field work. As for loans to individuals, in the 12 months of 2018, we issued almost RUR 1.5 billion ($ 22.97 million) mortgage loans and over RUR 1.1 billion ($ 16.84 million) consumer loans. I especially want to note the increase in the volume of deposits.

We record a high level of customer confidence in the bank, which was reflected in the growth of the investment portfolio. So, according to data at the end of 2018, deposits exceeded RUR 8 billion ($ 122.49 million), and according to recent data, at the end of the Q1 2019, this figure has already crossed the border for RUR 9 billion ($ 137.8 million).


Cluster is a source of high quality investment offers

The guest of our column today is the Director, the Association of clusters and technology parks of Russia Andrey SHPILENKO.   Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. SHPILENKO!   Andrey SHPILENKO: Good afternoon!   What are industrial clusters and how do they differ from the existing business relations of companies?   Unlike companies connected by economic relations, an industrial cluster is a form (mechanism) of organization of industrial enterprises, fixed in federal legislation, connected by relations of geographical proximity and functional dependence. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 31, 2015 No. 779 'On Industrial Clusters and Specialized Organizations of Industrial Clusters' established clear requirements that the clusters must meet to be included in the industrial clusters register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

  • 19 April 2019
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Through Omsky Biocluster we'll be able to understand the region's needs

The guest of our column today is the General director of KOTRA Novosibirsk PARK EUN HEE.    Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Ms. PARK!   PARK EUN HEE: Good afternoon!   What are the KOTRA goals of? How is communication between Korean business and KOTRA carried out?   KOTRA or Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency has been established in 1962 to support small and medium enterprises in their ambition to enter global market. KOTRA's Head office is located in Seoul but besides Headquarters we have 126 foreign offices in 85 countries. In Russia there 4 KOTRA offices located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Vladivostok.

  • 1 November 2018
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Our efforts should be focused on maximum manufacturability

The guest of our column today is Alexander KUPRYAKOV, Acting Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory - Minister of Agricultural Production and Rural Development of the Khabarovsk Territory   Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. KUPRYAKOV!   Alexander KUPRYAKOV: Good afternoon!   Omsky Biocluster continues the ‘Regions of Russia’ heading. Tell the readers of our cluster about the profile of the Khabarovsk agro-industry: which segment is the main one?   Crop and animal production can equally be called the main sectors of the agro-industry of the Khabarovsk Territory. Fodder and grain crops, soybeans, potatoes, and melons and gourds predominate in plant farming. Animal husbandry is represented, perhaps, by traditional sectors: dairy and beef cattle breeding, poultry farming. By the way, domestic reindeer breeding is developing in the northern regions of the Khabarovsk Territory.

  • 23 October 2018
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Preview: Seminar on Air Heating at Industrial Enterprises

On June 21, a seminar on the organization of air heating at industrial enterprises will be held in the Omsk Regional Business Incubator. The seminar will be organized by: Omsky Biocluster StartUpAcademia, Omsk Regional Business Incubator, Effective Agency LLC (Omsk), Aleteya LLC (Tyumen), Ministry of Economy of Omsk region, Department of Economic Policy of Omsk City Administration, The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, Omsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch), Department of Thermal Power Engineering (Omsk State Technical University).

Cherkizovo wants to replace the US

Cherkizovo Group, a leading Russian meat producer, said it was ready to fill the food supply shortage created by the United States to the world's most populous market, China, which is struggling with the problem of a cumulative shortage of meat products supply due to the US. Cherkizovo already began shipping poultry products to China last month and is now looking forward to selling pork and soy beans to China.

May: results of product quality and safety checks

In May, the Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Products of Animal and Vegetable Origin, Feed and Environmental Objects of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (Omsky Biocluster memeber) received 508 samples. 438 samples were tested, with which 2166 studies were carried out. As a result, the laboratory specialists identified 8 samples that did not meet the requirements of regulatory documents.

Start'Up'Academia: training with residents

On June 1, Andrei Vizmintinov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Omsky Biocluster StartUpAcademia, conducted training with residents of the OmSAU business incubator (Omsky Biocluster memeber) as part of the Network Educational Intensive University NTI 20.35 in Omsk.

Chinese JBA invests in Primorye agro-industry sector

Chinese Joyvio Beidahuang Agricultural Holdings wants to start farming in Primorye, Alexey Chekunkov, director general of the Far East Development Fund (DEFA), said. JBA has a joint venture between the Legend Holdings Joyvio Group and the Chinese state-owned company Jiusan Grain and Oil Industry Group. JBA is interested in Russian lands for soybean plantations.    

OmSAU students returned with the highest awards from Ufa

From May 28 to June 2, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, became the venue for the VII th Open Festival of Student Creativity of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture Universities 'On the Waves Agidel - 2019'. The event was attended by 33 universities and more than a thousand people who won awards in 89 nominations. Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsky Biocluster member) was represented by 46 participants.  

Infected apricots found in Omsk

Specialists of the Quarantine Phytosanitary Examination Laboratory of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (Omsky Biocluster) found a dangerous insect in the apricot lot from Kazakhstan (California red scale).

Grain export: zero duty, trouble-free transportation

Russia has decided to extend the validity of the zero rate of export customs duty on wheat. According to the Russian authorities, such a move is aimed at creating favorable conditions for the export of wheat. According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, we are talking about the extension of the export duty for a year, that is, until July 1, 2020.

Agricultural drones go to the sky

The agrodron market will grow from $ 1.2 billion in 2019 to $ 4.8 billion by 2024. According to the report of the analytical agency MarketsandMarkets, the basic factors affecting the growth of the agricultural drones market are the need for increased food and more venture financing for the development of agrodron technologies.

May: Omsk veterinarians found 16 violations

In May, the Veterinary Expert Laboratory of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (Omsky Biocluster member) received 600 samples, with which 1,900 tests were conducted. As a result, experts identified 16 cases of non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

China can lose up to 33% pork herd

Analysts forecast a sharp rise in prices for pork in the second quarter of this year. The world market is preparing to jump in prices for pork, and China can destroy up to 10% of the livestock due to a sharp epidemic of ASF. As a result of a sharp decline in the release of goods to world markets, suppliers will be forced to raise prices or purchase products from other countries. Experts say that after the inevitable rise in prices for pork will not be able to avoid increasing the cost of other types of meat.  

Cargill closes feed mill

Agricultural and food company Cargill closes the plant for the production of animal feed in the Leningrad region and is negotiating its sale.

Specialized classroom opened in Omsk State Agrarian University

On May 30, a ceremonial opening of a specialized training class KRONE together with a KRONE dealer Soyuz-Agro LLC took place on the platform of the Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsky Biocluster member). This event is important for the Agrarian University. Now, students, future engineers and agribusiness specialists will be able to obtain the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience in the field of innovative technologies of forage.