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We should learn to be more effective

  The guest of our column today is Olga FEDULOVA, the President of Union 'Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry'.    -Good afternoon, Ms. FEDULOVA!    -Good afternoon!    - We congratulate you on election as a Head of Union 'Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry'. Is it your first interview in a new capacity?    - You're right. Thank you for congratulations.         - Ms. FEDULOVA, you have been working in the CCI system for more than 20 years.     - Yes, I started working in Omsk CCI in 1993 after graduation from Omsk Institute of Technology (now it’s the Institute of Service). The same year the Federal Law 'On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation' was adopted. It was a very important and significant event for us! Omsk Chamber has functioned for 1 year. Headed by Tatiana  KHOROSHAVINA we passed all stages of Omsk CCI…



Cooperation is the basis of success!

The guest of our section: the head of Omsky Biocluster's 'Genetics and Breeding of Cattle Practice' Anatoly SHULAKOV.   - Mr. Shulakov, good afternoon!   - Good afternoon!   - Last interview, we discussed the need for an integrated approach to solving livestock problems within a single enterprise, where the achievement of the result requires improvement not only in the genetics of animals, but also in feeding, maintenance, and training. So, the enterprise should not think about cooperation?   - Firstly: the result is impossible without own initiative. Secondly, we can and should unite each other's competencies, achieving a synergistic effect. Systemic and complexness of any decisions is required - but at a higher level. 

  • 10 November 2017
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Viktor Nazarov: cluster approach to the development of the agro-industrial complex is a key initiative for attracting investments

Cooperation as the basis for development, strength and new opportunities is not a new idea. Cooperation helps to survive and to win. But how is this idea understood and put into practice by one of Siberian regions which has chosen the path of cluster development in order to help some priority economic sectors move to a new level? In an exclusive interview with ‘Nivy Rossii’ magazine Viktor Nazarov, Governor of Omsk region, talks about the development of the Agrobiotechnological Industrial Cluster of Omsk Region. -Mr. Nazarov, when and under whose initiative was Agrobiotechnological Industrial Cluster of Omsk Region created? - It was created at my initiative last fall and in late October Denis Manturov, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation, signed an order for its inclusion into the Registry of Industrial Clusters of Russia. But even before the creation of the cluster, its today’s members have worked…

  • 16 October 2017
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Do today what others will do tomorrow

The guest of our section: the rector of Omsk Agrarian State University named after P.A. Stolypin, Deputy Chairman of the General Meeting of Omsky Biocluster Association Oksana SHUMAKOVA   - Ms. SHUMAKOVA, good afternoon! - Good afternoon!        

  • 12 April 2017
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Morocco is studying Omsk experience

From 14 to 17 April, the next International Forum 'Borlaug Global Rust Initiative' on the problem of wheat resistance to disease took place in the city of Marrakech (Morocco).

1st half of April: results of veterinary examinations

From April 1 to 15, 2018, 102 samples were taken to the Expert Veterinary Laboratory of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (member of Omsky Biocluster), with which 314 tests were carried out. As a result, experts identified three cases of non-compliance of normative documentation.

A.Burkov: we must improve the efficiency of agriculture

April 18, the meeting of the board of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Omsk region with the participation of the head of Omsk region Alexander Burkov and the Minister of Agriculture and Food Maxim Chekusov took place in the building of the Government of Omsk region.

America votes for Mayochup

Heinz announced its intention to introduce a new product called Maiochup, which is a sauce made of ketchup and mayonnaise. While the product is already available in some countries in the Middle East, Heinz said it wanted to know if Americans would be receptive to a 'US debut'.

Announcement XV of China International SME Fair in Guangzhou

The annual China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (CISMEF) is of great importance in the development of China's medium and small business, providing employment growth, satisfying the growing needs of the population, and implementing innovative activities. This year, the XV China International Exhibition of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (hereinafter - the Exhibition) will traditionally take place in Guangzhou from October 10 to 13.

Omsk Agroindustry: Adaptation of Students in the Labor Market

April 11, Omsk State Agrarian University (member of Omsky Biocluster) held a seminar "Career lift" for students, trained in the 'Operation of Transport and Technical Machines and Complexes.' The seminar was held within the framework of the contest for the best event, which facilitates the employment of graduates at the Faculty of Technical Service in the agro-industry.

Cattle MegaFarm will be built in Kemerovo region

Construction of a meat-breeding megafarm with a feed mill and processing industry will begin in Kemerovo region in 2018. The project will be implemented on the territory of territory of advanced social and economic development of Anzhero-Sudzhensk monocity.

Volumes of feed grain grow

The trend of increasing the share of feed grain in the total harvest is noted in Russia. According to the Federal Center for Safety Assessment and Grain Quality, plant growers collected 6.2 million tonnes of non-food wheat in 2017 as compared to 2016 (27 million tonnes, a 3% increase) and almost 14 million tonnes more than the average for 2012-2016 years (an increase of 9%).

Omsky Biocluster at the XVth Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

April 12 - 15, Krasnoyarsk was the venue for the XV Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, in which Mikhail Sutyaginsky, the head of the Titan Group, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Titan-Agro LLC (member of Omsky Biocluster), took part. Participants in the Forum 'Russia 2018-2024: realizing the potential' for several days discussed topical issues, in particular, priority projects for the development of the Siberian regions.

Siberian grain will be sold to China and South-East Asia

Siberian agrarians need to focus on exporting their products to China and South-East Asia, said Anatoly Kutsenko, director of the Department of Economics, Investments and Regulation of Agroindustry Markets of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation during the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

In 2018, Sladonezh will launch new production lines

Over the past five years, the Confectionery Factory Sladonezh (member of Omsky Biocluster) has increased production capacity, annually investing more than 100 million rubles. in the development of industrial infrastructure, installed the latest modern equipment, improved technological processes and deservedly received the status of the Confectionery Factory of the federal level. The company's production capacity is more than 70,000 tons of products per year.