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Through Omsky Biocluster we'll be able to understand the region's needs

The guest of our column today is the General director of KOTRA Novosibirsk PARK EUN HEE. 


Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Ms. PARK!


PARK EUN HEE: Good afternoon!


What are the KOTRA goals of? How is communication between Korean business and KOTRA carried out?


KOTRA or Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency has been established in 1962 to support small and medium enterprises in their ambition to enter global market. KOTRA's Head office is located in Seoul but besides Headquarters we have 126 foreign offices in 85 countries. In Russia there 4 KOTRA offices located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Vladivostok.


Our efforts should be focused on maximum manufacturability

The guest of our column today is Alexander KUPRYAKOV, Acting Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory - Minister of Agricultural Production and Rural Development of the Khabarovsk Territory   Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. KUPRYAKOV!   Alexander KUPRYAKOV: Good afternoon!   Omsky Biocluster continues the ‘Regions of Russia’ heading. Tell the readers of our cluster about the profile of the Khabarovsk agro-industry: which segment is the main one?   Crop and animal production can equally be called the main sectors of the agro-industry of the Khabarovsk Territory. Fodder and grain crops, soybeans, potatoes, and melons and gourds predominate in plant farming. Animal husbandry is represented, perhaps, by traditional sectors: dairy and beef cattle breeding, poultry farming. By the way, domestic reindeer breeding is developing in the northern regions of the Khabarovsk Territory.

  • 23 October 2018
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We can develop only by increasing the efficiency of business

The guest of our column today is Igor ANTROPENKO, the head of Omsk regional branch of All Russia Public Organization ‘Delovaya Rossiya’ (Business Russia), the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Omsk region    Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. ANTROPENKO!   Igor ANTROPENKO: Good afternoon!   In May 2018 you were appointed Chairman of Omsk regional branch of All-Russia Public Organization ‘Business Russia’. What challenges are members of Omsk branch facing?   The main objective is to promote the development of friendly environment for business in Omsk region. Business is extremely sensitive to details: within the same bureaucratic procedures business issues can be solved positively and in short terms in one region, but it can be quite the opposite in the other ones. Although the law is same, its implementation is different. Having numerous legislative regulations in the regions, business faces difficulties in applying them. Some of the regulations do…

  • 22 August 2018
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In France, clusters allow to conquer markets

The guest of our column today is Katia ROINET, the advisor of the Ambassador of the French Republic in the Russian Federation on Agriculture in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.   - Good afternoon, Ms. ROINET!   - Good afternoon!   - Today Russia is actively forming industrial clusters in various spheres of the economy. And readers of our website are interested in learning about the established practice in foreign countries. Naturally, France as one of the leading economies of the world is no exception.   - Of course, clusters exist in France, they function in different sectors of the economy. We call them Competitiveness Centers. This concept was fixed in 2005, today the total number of such Competitiveness Centers in France is 67.   - Including the agro-industrial sector?   - Yes, eleven Competitiveness Centers carry out activities in the field of agriculture or the agro-food…


Omsk CCI will hold a seminar on the digital economy

On February 27, at 10:00 am, the Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Omsky Biocluster member) in a series of seminars on financial literacy conducts a training seminar for SMEs on the topic 'Minimum Knowledge Standards in Economics. Training for Entrepreneurs' and invites businesses to take part.

Packaged seeds failed inspection in Omsk

The Laboratory of Quarantine Phytosanitary Examinations and Surveys of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (Omsky Biocluster member) as a result of the herbological examinations identified a quarantine harmful weed, a dodder. It was found in bags of sowing material of Chinese origin, brought from Moscow.

The results of the Novice Farmer contest

On February 13, the jury determined the winners of the regional stage VII of the intellectual game Novice Farmer, which took place on the site of the Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsky Biocluster member). The regional stage of the All-Russian Game Novice Farmer was held by the Omsk State Agrarian University, the regional branch of the Russian Union of Rural Youth, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Omsk region for the seventh time, its goal is to develop students' business planning skills in agriculture, collecting and analyzing information management decisions and teamwork.  

Preview: Business Development Institutions Forum

March 11, the Forum of Development Institutes will host at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow. The agenda of the event will include issues of financial and non-financial support for projects of Russian companies with investment attractiveness and export potential, with a view to their further development. The Forum is organized by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Business Russia, Opora Rossii, Vnesheconombank, the Industry Development Fund, the Russian Export Center, the SME Corporation. The Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia is the industry information partner of the Forum.

Imports of palm oil in Russia grew by 19%

Imports of palm oil in Russia due to EU bans and low world prices rose by 19%, despite the critical attitude towards it by the WHO and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, which is soon ready to ban the use of palm oil in the food industry (from confectionery to butter), imposing ever more stringent packaging and merchandising requirements from 2018.

Omsky Biocluster at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi

On February 14, the site of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi became the venue for the business session 'Industrial Clusters. How to Increase the Investment Attractiveness of the Regions.' The session was moderated by Andrei Shpilenko, director of the Association for the Development of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia. One of the speakers of the event was the chairman of the Board of Directors of Titan Group Mikhail Sutyaginsky (Omsky Biocluster member, Titan-Agro LLC, is included in Titan Group).

Pigs and poultry of villagers prevented Miratorg

The Russian authorities should reduce the number of pigs and poultry of villagers or reorient them to help develop the export of these types of products, says Sergei Mikhailov, the general director of the Cherkizovo Group.

Chinese COFCO to build a wheat processing plant

The Government of the Penza Region, Tekhnokord company and the Chinese COFCO Corporation signed a tripartite protocol of intent on mutual cooperation at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. This is a project for the construction of a plant for the wheat deep processing in Serdobsk, Penza region.

Russia predicts a grain harvest of about 118 million tons in 2019

"Taking into account the latest data we collected from the regions, there is reason to increase the forecast for grain harvest this year to 118 million tons. This is about 5% more than last year, which will allow us to fully meet the domestic needs of the country and increase export potential", said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev at the Russian Investment Forum, which takes place in Sochi.