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Derma'RM: OmSAU innovative development

The team of scientists from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Agrotechnology of the Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsky Biocluster member), headed by Ph.D. Svetlana Chernigova and Ph.D. Natalia Pogorelova, was awarded high awards for the development and substantiation of the effectiveness of DermaRM nanomaterial in the treatment of animals with thermal burns.


DermaRM dressing developed by university scientists is a polysaccharide-based nanomaterial synthesized by microorganisms, which has a high biocompatibility with body tissues. As a result of the studies, it was substantiated that the wound covering made of bacterial cellulose in the treatment of animals with thermal burns helps to reduce the time of wound healing by 1.4 times. Regeneration of tissues takes place in the absence of exudate, is characterized by a decrease in areas of hyperemia and edema, the formation of a thin uniform scab, the appearance of a more rapid proliferation of the epidermal layer and an active growth of granulation tissue, identical in structure to intact tissue, partially with the absence of elements of the skin appendages.


Physicochemical properties of DermaRM contribute to its reliable fixation on the surface of the burn wound at all stages of treatment and create optimal conditions for the regeneration of damaged tissue structures. The studies carried out open up the prospect of using nanomaterials from bacterial cellulose not only in combustiology, but also in other areas of veterinary and humanitarian medicine.


Source: omgau.ru.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 29 December 2020