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Logistics & Foreign Economic Transactions Center

Logistics & Foreign Economic Transactions Center Presentation


Logistics & Foreign Economic Transactions Center of Omsky Biocluster is a structure that carries out a complex of logistics services in the field of interregional and international transportations. Center was created with the support of the Government of Omsk region and the Omsk City Administration to ensure the foreign economic activity of enterprises in Omsk region and surrounding regions as a universal operator.


The natural competitive advantage of the Center is the favorable geographical position of Omsk. The intersection of East-West and North-South traffic - in the middle between the European part of Russia and the Far East, proximity to the Asian markets are the winning factors for establishing effective foreign economic relations with Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea and other countries.


Logistical costs are objective components of the final price of the goods when it is transported to the consumer. You can not ignore them, but you can influence the value of these costs, which directly will form the cost price and competitiveness of your product. This is facilitated by two factors: the exclusion of intermediaries in the sale of goods and reducing the cost of delivery due to economies of scale - we practically nullify the 'empty' volume in transport units, since there are so many customers for the 'freight express', and the formation of transport units in the formulations even more reduces the cost of transportation of one ton-unit, accelerates the delivery time by three to four times.


Another advantage is that we save your operating capital. How? It's very simple - if you buy goods, for example, in the PRC, and your delivery point is Omsk, then you pay for the goods when the product is already delivered to Omsk. Given that the delivery time can vary from two weeks by rail to two months or more by sea, your company does not need to 'freeze' money for operating capital.


Thus, you ensure the financial security of the transaction, insure yourself against possible risks 'sent money - waiting for the goods'. After all, you can not wait for the goods, sending money to another country... If you do business with the Center, you pay for the goods after it is delivered to the destination! We work only with trusted foreign suppliers and logistics companies, which we pre-authorize. Our security service regularly monitors the status of our partners in order to avoid uncomfortable situations.


Our scheme of operation is quite simple - you send an application to us and we calculate the optimal route for you. And what if you want to sell a product in a particular market, but do not know how? We have an offer for you!


Your company provides information about your product in our catalog, and the Center, with the help of our partners in a particular market, is looking for a counterparty for you, it's not only wholesale buyers, but also trading networks, as well as electronic trading platforms.


The most important is that you can focus on that business where you are an absolute professional, leader. Logistics, customs declarations, certificates, etc. - trust us, we will do it professionally, save your time and money!


The services list of Logistics & Foreign Economic Transactions Center of Omsky Biocluster:

  • Assistance in finding directions for sales/deliveries
  • Development of the optimal scheme for the delivery of goods
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Forwarding
  • Transportation
  • Acceptance/Release of goods from the warehouse, quality control
  • Sorting/Сomplete set
  • Disaggregation of goods
  • Gathering, storage, transfer of information about cargo
  • Maintenance of calculations
  • Cargo insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Translation of documentation
  • Contractual execution - full transaction support


Dozens of companies have already evaluated the competence of Logistics & Foreign Economic Transactions Center of Omsky Biocluster. Doing business with us, you will find a reliable partner!


Head of Center: Evgeny Kolyagin.


I am waiting for your call on the phone: (3812) 37-08-68, 32-52-95, +7 (965) 970-58-85


as well as your emails to an email address: logistics@agrobiocluster.ru.

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