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Main trend: high-quality technological solutions

The CEO of EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH (Germany) Jens HENKEL, told Omsky Biocluster in an exclusive interview about high-quality technological solutions, formats of mutual cooperation between R&D centers and industrial partners, as well as improving energy efficiency and using renewable resources.


EPC, headed by Jens HENKEL, has long been known in Russia as a supplier of high-quality technological solutions. The company is now a provider of innovative technology solutions, including in biotechnology, renewable energy, polymers and fibers, chemistry and pharmaceuticals.


When asked about the main directions of collaboration between the EU and Russia, Jens HENKEL replied that he is seeing great changes: Away from being a mere supplier of raw materials to becoming a country that processes raw materials itself and develops its own high-quality products. This requires investment in appropriate technologies in which environmental protection and economic efficiency can go hand in hand. As a company with many years of experience in the Russian market and our headquarters in the EU, we have deep insight into both cultures and economic entities. We can provide support as early as the planning stage of new plants and ensure a constructive exchange with the EU in order to comply with and take into account all applicable standards.


The full version of the interview can be found at: Jens HENKEL interview.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 16 April 2021