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Unique meat and egg quail breed was bred in Omsk

It is planned to create its own breeding center for the production of poultry meat in Omsk. The creation of the center will reduce dependence on the import of breeding material and protect the Russian agricultural industry from the import of dangerous infections from abroad.


The Omsk region, along with the production of chicken meat, is developing domestic quail farming. For the first time in Russia, breeders have created a breed of meat and egg direction Omskaya. It has a high adaptive capacity, which allows the use of feeding technology using local feed resources. The new breed is recommended for growing in farms and personal subsidiary plots, as well as in industrial poultry farms.


The Siberian Research Institute of Poultry in 2000-2011 created three meat and two egg crosses of chickens. But the experimental farm of the Institute was filed for bankruptcy and ceased to operate - like almost all Russian breeding poultry factories. Now the topic of the reconstruction of a breeding base for the production of poultry meat in Siberia is being discussed. An experimental site for working with quails and other poultry can be created on the basis of the Omsk Agrarian Science Center.


Source: meatinfo.ru.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 29 December 2020