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Omsk farmers connect to the RusAg ecosystem

'Own. Farming' is the world's first digital ecosystem for agricultural companies. Here you can find all the goods and services of the agricultural sector that will automate agricultural processes, save time, resources and bring your business to a new level. The ecosystem allows SMEs to focus on manufacturing products. When designing the ecosystem, the experience of the development of digital agriculture in the countries of North America, which are the undisputed leaders in this direction, as well as China - at the state and large companies level, was analyzed.


Suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural products can place their products in the ecosystem on the ecosystem marketplace, and buyers can find and select a suitable product and / or service from trusted suppliers. The search and recruitment service will help solve the personnel issue with the help of an aggregator of resumes and vacancies in the agricultural sector available on the platform. There is an opportunity to invite students of agricultural universities to work. The intelligent seed selection service will allow platform users to select seeds based on individual parameters (cultivation region, crop and direction of use) and increase field productivity. Televeterinary medicine will make it easier for farmers to receive qualified veterinary care. This is the first 24/7 remote support service in Russia developed jointly with the VetExpert team for agriculture.


It should also be noted that an 'Own. Native' online platform has been launched within the ecosystem, which brings together farmers and buyers. It is a marketplace for the sale of natural products and services in the field of agritourism. For farms, this is an excellent opportunity to sell their goods directly to customers, without additional extra charges, to share the experience of rural entertainment, offering customers excursions, tastings and participation in handicraft workshops. Shoppers can choose from a wide range of available products and order farm products in a convenient digital app.


"We have recently registered on the 'Own. Native' online platform. We first heard about this service from RusAg (Omsk branch is the Omsky Biocluster member). We got interested, studied the possibilities and decided that in the 21st century the agrarian needs to keep up with digital technologies. Now any product, service from any field of activity can be obtained online. I believe that agricultural producers should also be on this list. The opportunity to reach new buyers, new markets is what Internet technologies provide today", shares his opinion Ivan Panasenko, Director General of Agrofirma Ekaterinoslavskoe JSC (Sherbakul district, Omsk region).


Source: press service of the Russian Agricultural Bank (Omsk Branch).

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 22 December 2020