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Feed Mill Pushkinsky prepares innovations for consumers

Feed Mill Pushkinsky (Titan-Agro LLC subdivision, Omsky Biocluster member) is actively preparing for the approaching period of seasonal demand for animal feed. This year, the company will update the packaging of products and supplement recommendations for feeding farm animals and poultry. Research tests on poultry feed will also be conducted.


In accordance with consumer requests, Feed Mill Pushkinsky plans to switch to more practical packaging material that can maintain feed quality longer, the company also plans to update the packaging design. In addition, it is planned to supplement the text-based feeding programs attached to the feed (tables that are more convenient for perception).


"We are preparing new presentation materials in order to more effectively present the feed mill and products to potential customers," says Maxim Starshov, head of the Titan-Agro Feed Sales Department. "Feed Mill Pushkinsky runs on Swiss equipment from Bühler, which is considered one of the best in the world. We carry out a deep and complete analysis of the quality of raw materials at the initial stage and also carefully check the feed during production. According to independent experts, our laboratory is the best in the Urals for a set of instruments and their accuracy."


Feed Mill Pushkinsky constantly analyzes the situation in its market segment, improving its product and studying the results of improvements in the course of scientific research. For the third year, Titan-Agro has been conducting research to improve recipes; this year the third test is planned this year. It will begin at the Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsky Biocluster member) on the 20th of March and will last 42 days. The subject of the test will be three brands of egg feed for chickens and broilers.


"We strive to find the combination of components in feed that will ultimately give the best result. Based on the test results, we will confirm what guaranteed gain our feed will give in order to compare the result with other recipes,” Maxim Starshov explains.


Source: Titan Group PR Department.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 12 March 2020