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Omsky Biocluster held a business training in Kurgan

From December 11 to 14, 2020, the Omsky Biocluster's StartUpAcademia, at the invitation of the Investment Agency of the Kurgan region, conducted a business training 'Entrepreneurship' among beginning and existing entrepreneurs of the Kurgan region and senior students of the Kurgan State University and the Kurgan Agricultural Academy.


The mentors team of the Omsky Biocluster's StartUpAcademia (Andrey Vizmintinov, Artem Zatolokin and Petr Kozlov), held master classes on entrepreneurship. Artem Zatolokin, head of Creative work hub, organizer of Friday Evening StartUP, creative business producer:

"I would like to recommend looking at your city and another region from a different angle: what potential it has, where there are niches that you can occupy that are not currently in the city. And this will just be evidence of your entrepreneurial potential and development opportunities - both yourself, your development, and the region as a whole."


Anastasia Ilyinskaya, Kurgan State University student: 

"Very interesting, very emotionally charged, especially in the context of the coronavirus. I haven’t talked to anyone for three months, but it’s such a pleasure to talk to interested people!"


In total, more than 300 entrepreneurs and students took part in the Omsky Biocluster's StartUpAcademia business training events.


For the purpose of further collaboration with the Kurgan region, Omsky Biocluster signed partnership agreements with the Kurgan State University and the Kurgan State Agricultural Academy. Dmitry Romanenko, Chairman of the Management Board, CEO of Omsky Biocluster:

"It was amazing communication. A lot of positive emotions, new, creative ideas. Entrepreneurs and students united in project teams to create and defend business projects. Our StartUpAcademia team of Omsky Biocluster's StartUpAcademia is confident that the competence and energy of the Kurgan business community will become an unconditional driver for the growth of the region's investment potential."

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 18 December 2020