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China is ready to revise the embargo on food supplies from Russia

Russian Trade Representative in China Alexei Gruzdev announced the resumption of negotiations with China on lifting the embargo on food exports. Gruzdev clarified that the current bans on the supply of Russian-made agricultural products are of an exclusively technical nature. To cancel them, the Russian side needs to complete some formal procedures.


In particular, the ban on the import of grain from Russia and some other countries, established in 1997, was associated with the discovery of spores of the fungus Tilletia, which causes dwarf bunt of wheat, in imported consignments. Most of the grain that China buys on the world market (about 2 million tons) goes to feed livestock, and this year the demand for meat in this country has grown significantly. In addition, China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is interested in supplying organic food. The possibility of exporting Russian products (meat, honey, cereals, fish and dairy products) is discussed in the context of the supply of environmentally friendly products.


Source: soyanews.info.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 23 November 2020