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A.Burkov doubted the effectiveness of support for Omsk farmers

The Governor of the Omsk Region Alexander Burkov during the budget message to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region criticized the existing support of Omsk agrarians. He noted a number of problematic issues that still cannot be resolved. In particular, this is an increase in yield and livestock.


"It is planned to harvest 3 million tons of grain crops. More than 2.4 million tons of grain has already been threshed. Our productivity is decreasing, although it is increasing at the neighbors. We are allocating money for mineral fertilizers for the second year, but but we are failing. We need to figure out what's the matter. While the number of cattle is declining. It is necessary to support not only large agricultural enterprises, but also farmers. We need to help them with subsidies, provide training," Alexander Burkov said.


Source: zol.ru.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 27 September 2019