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Flax cluster will appear in Russia

The authorities of the Tver region plan to create a R&D center for research, production and processing of bast crops. The federal budget funds will be directed to the development of flax growing, a strategic area of the regional agroindustry, according to the Tver region government website.


Organizations that will include the R&D center will also have to solve the tasks of staff training, creating a national competence center, supporting startups, developing campuses, R&D parks and clusters, and digitalizing processes. "Flax is a traditional agricultural crop for the Upper Volga region. The main task is to ensure the production of demanded products on our lands," Governor Igor Rudenya noted.


In August 2019, the Tver region became the All-Russian Flax Field Day site. Then the proposal was approved to make the Tver region a key region for the creation of a modern cluster for the production of flax fiber and finished products. Tver region R & D center will be engaged in the development of innovative technologies for the deep processing of flax products, the creation of new energy-efficient materials and the introduction of high-tech equipment for flax harvesting. In 2018, flax was included in the list of crops for the cultivation of which a subsidy is provided. Also, the Tver region reimburses the costs of produced and sold flax fiber. Flax producers are also allocated funds for the purchase of elite seeds, and factories in five regional districts are engaged in primary processing of flax raw materials.  


Source: rynok-apk.ru.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 28 February 2020