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Cluster, science, business acceleration: Green light for innovators!

The Omsky Biocluster Association, the Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsky Biocluster member), the Omsk State Medical University, and the Omsk Regional Business Incubator have signed the collaboration agreement in accelerating the innovative activity of university students.


The core of the acceleration activity will be Omsky Biocluster StartUpAcademia, which for four years has been conducting systematic educational work among students of universities for the R&D commercialization. Andrey Vizmintinov, Head of the StartUpAcademia Board of Trustees:

"The agreement secured the already existing educational modules that StartUpAcademia implements together with the OmSAU and OmSMU development structures. This is an optional program that helps start-up initiators gain competencies in packaging and promoting their projects, and put them into practice. And, of course, the support of the region is important - our project is being implemented jointly with the Omsk Regional Business Incubator, which helps kids with their mentoring and technical resources."

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 1 March 2020