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Meat Processing Plant Titan-Agro LLC received new equipment

In September, Titan-Agro LLC (Omsky Biocluster member) received two units of technological equipment at the Pushkinskiy Meat Processing Plant, which will increase production and improve product quality.


In September 2019, a new piece of equipment arrived at the Pushkinsky Meat Processing Plant. This is a foreign meat massager for the preparation of semi-finished products. The volume of its one-time loading is 75 kg. Massage is carried out by uniformly mixing the meat inside the rotating drum, while the structure of the fibers is preserved, they are impregnated with brine and spices. Operation of the acquired massager in October will increase the volume of products, including for baking in packages specially designed for this. Each type of product will have its own original taste thanks to optimally selected spices and marinades.


Also this month, a new high-performance saw the US manufactured meat saw for sawing carcasses into half-carcasses was installed in the Pushkinsky Meat Processing Plant. Operation of a new generation saw will make the initial processing of carcasses more perfect. "The old-style saw gave more waste," says Alexander Kelin, director of the Pushkinsky Meat Processing Plant. "A new, more technological saw reduces losses during sawing, shavings are generated less, and, accordingly, the meat yield and quality increase due to more accurate cutting. In addition, it has a self-cleaning function and consumes less electricity, which will generally increase the economic efficiency of production."


The purchase of new equipment at the Pushkinsky Meat Processing Plant is the second project implemented as part of the Titan-Agro LLC investment program. In total, it includes four projects, including the construction of a refrigerator and the purchase of a waste disposal plant.


Source: Titan Group PR Department.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 1 October 2019