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Agricultural producers have extended the preferential tax period

Omsk deputies have extended the effect of tax preferences to agricultural and manufacturing enterprises from 5 to 10 years. A lowered tax rate for a property tax for a period of 10 years will begin to apply already in the near future for businesses established no earlier than January 1, 2013.


"The adopted norms are expected to extend the validity period of the reduced tax rate for property tax for organizations created not earlier than January 1, 2013 and operating in manufacturing and agriculture, from 5 to 10 years. The preference will come into force after the official publication of the law," said the Minister of Economy of Omsk region Oksana Fadina. In accordance with the regional law 'On the property tax of organizations' this preference can be used by those organizations in which at least 50 people are officially employed, and which provides a share of income from activities on species A 'Agriculture, hunting and forestry' and D 'Processing industries' in the amount of not less than 70% in the total of the organization's revenues as a result of the reporting (tax) period.


Since January 1, 2017 for homeowners associations (HOA), the right to apply a lowered rate for income tax is canceled. Since 2008, no HOA has benefited from a lower rate of income tax. About a quarter of existing HOAs apply a simplified taxation system and are not payers of corporate income tax. Also from January 1, 2017, preference for property tax will be provided to organizations that form the infrastructure of support for small and medium-sized businesses. The tax privilege will be provided on the condition that the organization's data is used as a supplier (executor, contractor) to purchase goods to ensure state needs when implementing state programs in the Omsk region that provide conditions for the creation of business entities and to support them. The tax privilege can not be used by subjects of natural monopolies, organizations - producers of excisable goods, financial organizations, including credit and insurance organizations.


Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Economy of Omsk region

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 12 September 2016