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Exhibition Agro-Omsk-2016 was opened to professionals

In the first three days of work, the entrance to the Siberian Agrotechnical Exhibition-Fair Agro-Omsk-2016 is open only to specialists of the agro-industrial complex. 362 companies took part in the exhibition. For the first time this year the traditional exhibition Agro-Omsk is held in a new format: the business and professional part are separated from the event. The first three days of the exhibition will be open only for agricultural professionals: heads of organizations, farmers, agronomists, livestock experts, specialists of the district agricultural departments.


Thursday, July 28, 2016, Agro-Omsk will open for all Omsk citizens. By this time, the trade points with local products, honey, flowers will be added to the technology presented at the exhibition. The exhibition will run until July 31. This year, the number of exhibitors increased slightly compared to 2015.


"For the first time, Chinese company Shandong Runyuan Industry takes part in the exhibition", said the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Omsk region Maksim Chekusov. "The company produces combine harvesters and combines for harvesting fodder. They showed interest in Omsk region. We treat this with caution. By September, they plan to start engineering so that we can test it in the fields. We set the task for the company to introduce localization in order to supply the Russian engine, Russian components," Maksim Chekusov said. The localization of production in Russia will allow local farmers to buy machinery at a discount of 30% under the federal program to support Russian machinery manufacturers. Also in the list of participants - companies from Petropavlovsk and Pavlodar region (Kazakhstan), as well as Minsk MMZ im. SI Vavilov JSC (Belarus). Companies from 26 regions of Russia also became participants.


"The exhibition, especially a professional one, like Agro-Omsk, is a marker, a litmus test, which characterizes the state of economic interest of all subjects of this activity. Exhibitions - this is exactly what enterprises first of all begin to save during the crisis. If this economy is not there, then we can talk about the stage of development. By Agro-Omsk interest is not reduced, the number of exhibitors is insignificant, but has grown," said Vyacheslav Fedyunin, Director General of Investment Projects Development Agency of Omsk region. According to Maksim Chekusov, such professional exhibitions help agrarians to stay afloat today and develop. "In preparation for the exhibition I looked at those farms that in recent years have ordered to live long. It turned out to be those people whom I have not seen anywhere - neither on trips abroad or on Russian forums, nor here. These people did not appear, they lived their own world, and as a result, this fatal impact on the fate of these enterprises," said Maksim Chekusov.

  • Omsky Biocluster Press Service
  • 12 September 2016