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We should learn to be more effective

  The guest of our column today is Olga FEDULOVA, the President of Union 'Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry'.    -Good afternoon, Ms. FEDULOVA!    - Good afternoon!    - We congratulate you on election as a Head of Union 'Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry'. Is it your first interview in a new capacity?    - You're right. Thank you for congratulations.         - Ms. FEDULOVA, you have been working in the CCI system for more than 20…

Cooperation is the basis of success!

The guest of our column today: the head of Omsky Biocluster's 'Genetics and Breeding of Cattle Practice' Anatoly SHULAKOV.   - Mr. Shulakov, good afternoon!   - Good afternoon!   - Last interview, we discussed the need for an integrated approach to solving livestock problems within a single enterprise, where the achievement of the result requires improvement not only in the genetics of animals, but also in feeding, maintenance, and training. So, the enterprise should not think about cooperation?  …

Viktor Nazarov: cluster approach to the development of the agro-industrial complex is a key initiative for attracting investments

Cooperation as the basis for development, strength and new opportunities is not a new idea. Cooperation helps to survive and to win. But how is this idea understood and put into practice by one of Siberian regions which has chosen the path of cluster development in order to help some priority economic sectors move to a new level? In an exclusive interview with ‘Nivy Rossii’ magazine Viktor Nazarov, Governor of Omsk region, talks about the development of the Agrobiotechnological Industrial…

Do today what others will do tomorrow

The guest of our section: the rector of Omsk Agrarian State University named after P.A. Stolypin, Deputy Chairman of the General Meeting of Omsky Biocluster Association Oksana SHUMAKOVA   - Ms. SHUMAKOVA, good afternoon! - Good afternoon!        

Feed Research as a Key to Food Security

Good afternoon! Today the editorial board of Omsky Biocluster opens a new section called 'Opinion'. The purpose of the section is to have an open discussion on the issues related to business in Omsk region and the whole country. Our first guest is Professor Vladimir KRASNITSKY, the Honored Agronomist of Russia, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences and the Director of Omsky Agrochemical Service Center Federal Government Budgetary Institution.   - Mr. KRASNITSKY, first of all, I would like to welcome you…

Cattle breeding: an integrated approach is important

The guest of our section: the head of Omsky Biocluster's Genetics and Breeding of Cattle Practice Anatoly SHULAKOV.   - Mr. Shulakov, good afternoon!     - Good afternoon!