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Main trend: high-quality technological solutions

The guest of our column today is the CEO of EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH (Germany) Jens HENKEL.


Omsky Biocluster: Hello, Mr. HENKEL!




EPC has been known in Russia for a long time as a supplier of high-quality technological solutions. What is the main activity of the company today?


We are a provider of innovative process technologies in the fields of biotechnologies, renewable energies, polymers and fibers, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, among others. Our portfolio includes technologies developed in-house as well as process technologies from partner companies around the world. This enables us to always offer our customers the most up-to-date, safest and most economical solutions for their plants. We also undertake the construction of turnkey plants worldwide, including all engineering services as well as supervised installation, commissioning and training. EPC pays special attention to the issues of reducing the burden on the environment, this is an integral component of modern technologies.


The foundation of German business is medium and family companies

The guest of our column today is the PwC | Legal | Senior Manager | Lawyer | CEE - Russian Business Group TANJA GALANDER.   Omsky Biocluster: Hello, Ms. GALANDER!   TANJA GALANDER: Hello!   September 30 - October 1, Zerbst / Anhalt, the birthplace of Catherine the Great, became the venue for the 2nd German-Russian Economic Dialogue, in which Omsky Biocluster also took part. You were the moderator of the Agricultural and Food Industry panel discussion. What are your expectations of the outcome of the German-Russian dialogue in Saxony-Anhalt?   Despite the difficult political and economic relations, I expect an active dialogue between entrepreneurs, which will ultimately have a positive impact on the overall relationship between Germany and Russia. I would also like to see joint business projects. It would be great to develop a tradition to meet each year at the Catherine Forum.

  • 23 October 2019
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Now the bank has become part of the business environment

The guest of our column today is the Head of the Omsk Regional Branch of Russian Agricultural Bank JSC Lev YANEEV.   Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. YANEEV!   Mr. YANEEV: Good afternoon!   What are the results of the RusAg Omsk branch for 2018?   Last year, the RusAg Omsk branch issued more than RUR 5.5 billion ($ 84.21 million) to borrowers. At the same time, more than RUR 500 million ($ 7.66 million) were given to farmers for equipment, about RUR 2.5 billion ($ 38.28 million) for seasonal field work. As for loans to individuals, in the 12 months of 2018, we issued almost RUR 1.5 billion ($ 22.97 million) mortgage loans and over RUR 1.1 billion ($ 16.84 million) consumer loans. I especially want to note the increase in the volume of deposits. We record a high level of customer confidence in the bank, which was reflected…

Cluster is a source of high quality investment offers

The guest of our column today is the Director, the Association of clusters and technology parks of Russia Andrey SHPILENKO.   Omsky Biocluster: Good afternoon, Mr. SHPILENKO!   Andrey SHPILENKO: Good afternoon!   What are industrial clusters and how do they differ from the existing business relations of companies?   Unlike companies connected by economic relations, an industrial cluster is a form (mechanism) of organization of industrial enterprises, fixed in federal legislation, connected by relations of geographical proximity and functional dependence. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 31, 2015 No. 779 'On Industrial Clusters and Specialized Organizations of Industrial Clusters' established clear requirements that the clusters must meet to be included in the industrial clusters register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

  • 19 April 2019
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Main trend: high-quality technological solutions

The CEO of EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH (Germany) Jens HENKEL, told Omsky Biocluster in an exclusive interview about high-quality technological solutions, formats of mutual cooperation between R&D centers and industrial partners, as well as improving energy efficiency and using renewable resources.

Veterinarians summed up the March results

In March, the Expert Veterinary Laboratory of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (Omsky Biocluster member) received 730 samples, with which 2,300 tests were carried out. As a result, experts identified 11 cases of non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

Unique meat and egg quail breed was bred in Omsk

It is planned to create its own breeding center for the production of poultry meat in Omsk. The creation of the center will reduce dependence on the import of breeding material and protect the Russian agricultural industry from the import of dangerous infections from abroad.

Derma'RM: OmSAU innovative development

The team of scientists from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Agrotechnology of the Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsky Biocluster member), headed by Ph.D. Svetlana Chernigova and Ph.D. Natalia Pogorelova, was awarded high awards for the development and substantiation of the effectiveness of DermaRM nanomaterial in the treatment of animals with thermal burns.

Deep processing of Jerusalem artichoke to be launched in Lipetsk region

"The stage of engineering and design work has been completed for the construction of the first Russian plant for the industrial production of prebiotic ingredients in the special economic zone of the regional level in Dankov (Lipetsk region). Now most of the plant's equipment has been installed in the areas of receiving, washing, cutting and diffusion of raw materials. SME Bank opened a credit line for Istagro Don in the amount of RUR 955 million ($ 12.97 million). The security for the loan in the form of a guarantee from the SME Corporation amounted to RUR 495 million ($ 6.72 million)," the SME Corporation press service said.

Russia plans to develop new agricultural lands

The Ministry of Agriculture expects to start implementing the state program to involve land in agricultural circulation in 2022; it is planned to introduce at least 13 million hectares of agricultural land in 10 years. "On behalf of the President of Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture has developed a draft state program for the effective involvement of land in circulation and the development of a reclamation complex. This is the main, strategic document that will shape the land policy in the long term. Now the state program is being considered at the government's platform, the Ministry of Agriculture expects to start its implementation from 2022," the Ministry reported.

The grain route will be traced

The State Duma adopted a law on the creation in Russia of a unified state system of traceability of grain and grain products. The document provides for the creation of the Federal State Information System for Traceability of Grain and its Processing Products, which will allow tracing their life cycle from production to release into circulation. It will make it possible to ensure the accounting of the volume of consignments of grain and products of its processing during their circulation, to analyze and process the information provided and to control their reliability.

China: the number of pigs increased by almost a third

The total pig population in China has been increasing for the fifth month in a row. As a result, prices for pork and pork products are gradually decreasing. China's Ministry of Agriculture announced that livestock for November rose 29.8% year-over-year, while breeding pigs increased 31.2% year-over-year.

Omsk Reference Center sums up the year results

Omsk Reference Center (Omsky Biocluster member) carries out its activities in the field of veterinary medicine, plant quarantine, seed production and plant protection, agrochemistry, soil fertility, quality and safety of grain, cereals, feed and components for their production, as well as by-products of grain processing. The service area of the Center includes the city of Omsk and the Omsk region. The Center has all the necessary licenses, certificates and accreditation.

Omsk farmers connect to the RusAg ecosystem

'Own. Farming' is the world's first digital ecosystem for agricultural companies. Here you can find all the goods and services of the agricultural sector that will automate agricultural processes, save time, resources and bring your business to a new level. The ecosystem allows SMEs to focus on manufacturing products. When designing the ecosystem, the experience of the development of digital agriculture in the countries of North America, which are the undisputed leaders in this direction, as well as China - at the state and large companies level, was analyzed.

Laboratory experts tested ice cream

The Expert Veterinary Laboratory of the Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor (Omsky Biocluster member) received five ice cream samples for research on the presence / absence of Salmonella as part of the production control of the enterprise.